Full Time Income Online

The majority of people that start a YouTube Channel achieve burn out before they ever make money. In order to be a successful YouTubeprenuer, you need to have a plan on what you are building. A YouTubeprenuer is defined as an individual who has built a scalable profitable business on YouTube that generates consistent views and revenue and is not dependent on one income source. This means you need to be consistent in your business in and with your business have multiple streams of income that it produces. On the way to getting there you are always needing to learn new things to keep up with the trends and technologies. Often times when trying to learn everything is when burnout happens. This is the time you need to be building a team to help you build your scalable business.

If you are a person that doesn’t have the resources to start hiring people to help you, there are programs you can use to help you that are affordable, easy and often they come with back office support if you should need it. These programs can be used in multiple niches that you can promote on your YouTube channel. Here are a few step by step programs that will help you get started making an income now.

  1. Fast Tracks – Affiliate Marketing $56*
  2. Click Wealth System – Affiliate Marketing – $17
  3. Recession Profit Secrets – Affiliate Marketing – $52
  4. Paying Social Media Jobs – Get paid to post Advertising for companies – $36
  5. Scribble – eBook Creator – $3*

All of these sources have been reviewed and offer a moneyback guarantee. Some of these programs offer a *Free Trial. YouTube is one of the ways you can promote your products that you create using of of the above resources and set up additional streams of income for yourself.

5 Tips for Starting A YouTube Channel in 2021

When starting a new YouTube channel it’s best to start with what you have. Start with what you have. Don’t go out and buy the fancy equipment until you monetize your channel. When you define your niche it allows you to get unique people coming to your channel that is looking specifically for what you have to offer.

  1. Niche Down
  2. Start filming video with your phone.
  3. Learn Analytics and how they work.
  4. Become an expert at YouTube SEO.
  5. Put your personality in every video you make.

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Becoming Digitally Prepared

During COVID-19 this has forced many people to look at their business and say how can we make our business better? This has been the biggest question that has been posted to me that I have had over the last several months. Here are some key questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Are you digital?
  2. How do you interact with your customers right now?
  3. What is your niche?
  4. How can you make your niche better?
  5. How will you be different from your competition?

I have seen so many companies close this year. I wish that many of these companies could have come to me sooner and ask what I could do for them to help keep them open. What COVID-19 has proven to us, is YOU NEED TO BE DIGITAL if you expect to stay in business in any market. We are here to help you succeed in what ever you are doing. There are so many ways to become digital. LD Marketing LLC is has been helping more and more companies become digital everyday. Working from home has become the new normal for many companies. Insurance companies have had to learn to become digital. Online webinars to meet with clients now is the new normal. I am going to give you some tips to grow your existing business.

  1. Affiliate Marketing – there are so many ways to utilize affiliate marketing to promote your brand, your product, your webinar. Affiliate marketing can be especially useful because you can pay someone a commission when they bring customers to you. Or – with Affiliate Marketing, if you don’t have your own product to promote, you can always promote some other companies product and get paid a commission.
  2. Customer Service – is an important part of your company. Is your customer service department digital? If you are a service based industry it should be digital. Zyratalk is one company I can recommend that can help with that solution.
  3. Email Marketing – is one of the single most important tools to help you keep in touch with your existing customer base. Constant Contact has been our favorite vendor to help us with this. You have the ability to keep advertising campaigns separate for each product or each type of customer. No one else does this as well as Constant Contact.
  4. Social Media Marketing – is a way you can interact with customers on a personal level. For example if you have a question that many people are asking, it’s easy to post the answer on social media. Ads on social media platforms are out performing many other types of advertising right now. This is one way to target the ideal customer you are looking for.
  5. Video Conferencing – has become the new normal for business meetings. It is now a more accurate way to communicate, because you can record them.
  6. Video Marketing – is one great way to introduce your company or product to the world. Much like creating a movie trailer, you would create a video trailer to get people interested in your brand.
  7. Webinars – is a great tool to help you gain new customers. You can educate or train employees, or customers on a new product. There are so many different webinars platforms that you can market your webinars on and sell them as classes or online training. Webinars is one way you can communicate to potential new clients to grow your brand.

I guess you could say now it’s only the Digital that will survive. I hope you are always looking for more ways you can make your business better. That is why LD Marketing is here, to help you become more digitally prepared.

How To Make Videos Using Your Phone

It doesn’t take lots of money to start a VLog/Video Blog. You can start by using your phone until you make enough money to afford better equipment. Yes it is possible to make a professional looking video using your phone. There are cheap mounting tools you can find on Amazon that will help eliminate the camera shake help your videos look professional. In this video they cover everything you need to get started.