Amazing WordPress Facts for Business

If you have a business or are looking at starting a business, WordPress is the one to use. When we build websites for our clients we use WordPress. The ability to customize is unlimited. We can easily set up separate accounts for each individual client that still allows them to maintain control over their business and website. We love the fact that SEO is easy to use and will bring traffic to your website even if you don’t do very much with it. There are so many free templates and free plugins. To get started with WordPress it is absolutely free.

There are also advantages to purchasing some of the themes and plugins. Purchasing a customized theme will add more security against hackers, plus you will have so many additional options such as customizing your color pallet and special fancy font usage that you can add to really customize your website. There are many, many, more options and things that we love about WordPress. In our opinion we think that WordPress is head and shoulders above the competition. You do always have the option to have another company host your website if you choose, and you can still use a WordPress theme.

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