Full Time Income Online

The majority of people that start a YouTube Channel achieve burn out before they ever make money. In order to be a successful YouTubeprenuer, you need to have a plan on what you are building. A YouTubeprenuer is defined as an individual who has built a scalable profitable business on YouTube that generates consistent views and revenue and is not dependent on one income source. This means you need to be consistent in your business in and with your business have multiple streams of income that it produces. On the way to getting there you are always needing to learn new things to keep up with the trends and technologies. Often times when trying to learn everything is when burnout happens. This is the time you need to be building a team to help you build your scalable business.

If you are a person that doesn’t have the resources to start hiring people to help you, there are programs you can use to help you that are affordable, easy and often they come with back office support if you should need it. These programs can be used in multiple niches that you can promote on your YouTube channel. Here are a few step by step programs that will help you get started making an income now.

  1. Fast Tracks – Affiliate Marketing $56*
  2. Click Wealth System – Affiliate Marketing – $17
  3. Recession Profit Secrets – Affiliate Marketing – $52
  4. Paying Social Media Jobs – Get paid to post Advertising for companies – $36
  5. Scribble – eBook Creator – $3*

All of these sources have been reviewed and offer a moneyback guarantee. Some of these programs offer a *Free Trial. YouTube is one of the ways you can promote your products that you create using of of the above resources and set up additional streams of income for yourself.

Mommy Bloggers That Make Real Money

Blogging for some have now become a career. There are many mommy bloggers that have figured out how to make money from their blogs. For many of these moms it took a few years to build an sizable audience. With patience and the right advertising you can be a successful blogger.

According to the Huffington Post, they interviewed 10 successful mommy bloggers that all have great advice. Here is a few snippets of the article.

  1. Mandy RoseHouse Of Rose Blog She says.. “It takes patience. You have to be wiling to put in the work and hustle like you would at any high paying job”.
  2. Holly HomerKids Activities Blog She says.. “I make money from my blog several ways. The main source of income is advertising networks that provide the sidebar/header ads you see on Kids Activities Blog”.
  3. Abby LawsonJust A Girl and Her Blog She says.. ” The biggest chunk of our income comes from sales of digital products we’ve created— online courses, eBooks, and printables.”
  4. Leigh Anne WilkesYour Homebased Mom She says.. “Be consistent. Decide a level at which you can work at and then do it consistently. If you can’t do it consistently then change it. If it is only one post a week then make sure you always do one post a week”.
  5. Jennifer BurgThe Suburban Mom She says.. “So, my advice is that if you love to write and create content and you are willing to put in the time and effort, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it — even yourself!”
  6. Jordan PageFun, Cheap Or Free She says.. “My number one piece of advice is to find what makes YOU unique. What will make you stand out in a sea of millions of blogs? Find an angle and niche and become the go-to expert in that area and you’ll find success, regardless of how “big” your blog is!”
  7. Julie BonnerMom Fabulous She says.. “Connect with another blogger or woman in business and keep each other accountable. You’ll need someone to walk through the bad days with, you and celebrate the fantastic ones.”
  8. Becky MansfieldYour Modern Family She says.. “1) Use an image to draw your readers in. 2) Use your writing to keep them there. 3) Use a newsletter to bring them back again & again.”
  9. Hillary EricksonPulling Curls She says.. “It is totally possible. Stop thinking that it’s not possible. But, you might have to change and get out of your comfort zone to make it possible. You will likely need to kick some images up a notch, as well as put yourself out there to companies in a way that might make you uncomfortable.”
  10. Sarah TitusSarah Titus.com She says.. “I am completely myself and it simply attracts some and dispels others. The readers it attracts, I find ways to serve. It’s not really a complicated concept. Just be yourself and DO NOT give up!”

One of the things that all of these women have in common, they all have a brand established for themselves. They have all used social media to draw people in. They all use advertising and make money from advertising.

You can read more details of this article on the Huffington Post Mommy Blogger to Mompreneur: 10 Inspiring Women Prove To The Doubters That It Can Be Done.

Product Branding 101 – How To Get Started


You have an idea, you have a product that you want to market. How do I get started? First you will need to answer a few questions.

  1. Identify who you will market this product to. What age group, male, female etc.
  2. Research and identify the competition.
  3. How does your brand differ from other products that are similar? Identify pros and cons.
  4. Create a good package design and logo that appeals to your demographic.
  5. Identify the cost and price point at which the product will be sold.
  6. Create your niche and your own market. By creating a niche you are creating a need. You don’t just want to do what everyone else is doing. You need to go above and beyond whatever the competition is doing. You need to think outside the box and be edgy with your marketing. This will make your product memorable.
  7. Service. Your brand is a promise to your customers. You need to make sure you have a way to service your customers need in case anything goes wrong with your product. They service of your product greatly influences your product’s success.
  8. Once you have your ideas, write everything down in a plan and develop a marketing strategy.

Depending on your demographic this has a lot to do with how your product will be marketed and distributed. In order to make your product successful, you need to create an awesome user experience.  This will bring the same customers back again and again with repeat business that will multiply.

5 Ways To Improve Traffic

You have built your blog or your website. Now what? How do you get the word out? Now the challenge… how do you funnel qualified leads to your website?

  1. SEO Marketing also known as Search Engine Optimization. Make sure your website or landing page can be found by the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  2. Get the word out via social media websites such as facebook, twitter, instagram, YouTube etc.
  3. Email Marketing – start with people you already know to help you get the word out via word of mouth advertising.
  4. Blogging and guest blogging – have other people you know blog about you or your product (another form of word of mouth advertising).
  5. Pay Per Click Advertising – Google Adwords is a cheap way to buy advertising by purchasing key words that will target your brand and link back to your website.