6 Huge Podcast Mistakes To Avoid

You want to create a Podcast. Before you do, here is a check list of things that will help you to avoid the most common mistakes. In this video Michael O’Neal explains why most podcasts fail and the do’s and don’ts of podcasting.

  1. Haven’t nailed your brand.
  2. Bad audio quality.
  3. Not researching your guests.
  4. Bad intro technique.
  5. No followup questions.
  6. Most people promote their guests at the end.

Vlogs VS Podcasting

For anyone that has been blogging for a while, some of the most successful people are now doing Video Blogs, and or Podcasts. What is right for you may depend upon the audience you have and the type of content you are promoting.

Podcasting is usually cheaper and requires less skill. Video Blogs is a little more complicated. The key is which ever you choose, consistency will bring you the most success.

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