4 Most Important Things When Posting YouTube Videos

If any of you have struggled with having enough people view your videos on YouTube, there are a few tips that will help you increase your traffic.

  1. Have a good title that is “key word heavy”.
  2. Have a tag that will link to your video.
  3. Thumb nail needs to establish a connection with your video.
  4. Good Content, look professional.

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What is Blockchain?

The latest in news lately has been about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Why is it becoming the latest trend? There are over This is about to disrupt everything you know about money. This is a form of digital currency and a new form of banking and investing. It’s kinda like Blockchain is an online bank but with NO regulations. There have been many scams surrounding Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto currency. The reason for this is that it’s easy for people to launder money because it’s not regulated, it’s virtually impossible to trace. This means because this online monetary system isn’t regulated, it makes it easier for scammers to hide money and send it to multiple third parties.

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Vlogs VS Podcasting

For anyone that has been blogging for a while, some of the most successful people are now doing Video Blogs, and or Podcasts. What is right for you may depend upon the audience you have and the type of content you are promoting.

Podcasting is usually cheaper and requires less skill. Video Blogs is a little more complicated. The key is which ever you choose, consistency will bring you the most success.

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Mommy Bloggers That Make Real Money

Blogging for some have now become a career. There are many mommy bloggers that have figured out how to make money from their blogs. For many of these moms it took a few years to build an sizable audience. With patience and the right advertising you can be a successful blogger.

According to the Huffington Post, they interviewed 10 successful mommy bloggers that all have great advice. Here is a few snippets of the article.

  1. Mandy RoseHouse Of Rose Blog She says.. “It takes patience. You have to be wiling to put in the work and hustle like you would at any high paying job”.
  2. Holly HomerKids Activities Blog She says.. “I make money from my blog several ways. The main source of income is advertising networks that provide the sidebar/header ads you see on Kids Activities Blog”.
  3. Abby LawsonJust A Girl and Her Blog She says.. ” The biggest chunk of our income comes from sales of digital products we’ve created— online courses, eBooks, and printables.”
  4. Leigh Anne WilkesYour Homebased Mom She says.. “Be consistent. Decide a level at which you can work at and then do it consistently. If you can’t do it consistently then change it. If it is only one post a week then make sure you always do one post a week”.
  5. Jennifer BurgThe Suburban Mom She says.. “So, my advice is that if you love to write and create content and you are willing to put in the time and effort, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it — even yourself!”
  6. Jordan PageFun, Cheap Or Free She says.. “My number one piece of advice is to find what makes YOU unique. What will make you stand out in a sea of millions of blogs? Find an angle and niche and become the go-to expert in that area and you’ll find success, regardless of how “big” your blog is!”
  7. Julie BonnerMom Fabulous She says.. “Connect with another blogger or woman in business and keep each other accountable. You’ll need someone to walk through the bad days with, you and celebrate the fantastic ones.”
  8. Becky MansfieldYour Modern Family She says.. “1) Use an image to draw your readers in. 2) Use your writing to keep them there. 3) Use a newsletter to bring them back again & again.”
  9. Hillary EricksonPulling Curls She says.. “It is totally possible. Stop thinking that it’s not possible. But, you might have to change and get out of your comfort zone to make it possible. You will likely need to kick some images up a notch, as well as put yourself out there to companies in a way that might make you uncomfortable.”
  10. Sarah TitusSarah Titus.com She says.. “I am completely myself and it simply attracts some and dispels others. The readers it attracts, I find ways to serve. It’s not really a complicated concept. Just be yourself and DO NOT give up!”

One of the things that all of these women have in common, they all have a brand established for themselves. They have all used social media to draw people in. They all use advertising and make money from advertising.

You can read more details of this article on the Huffington Post Mommy Blogger to Mompreneur: 10 Inspiring Women Prove To The Doubters That It Can Be Done.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the many ways to monetize your website by placing a link as either a key word or a banner type of ad that gives you commission when people that come to your website click on an ad then make a purchase.

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ClickBank and Commission Junction are some of the oldest names in the Affiliate Marketing Business. Best of all, to sign up with Affiliate Marketing on these websites is absolutely FREE.

Product Branding 101 – How To Get Started


You have an idea, you have a product that you want to market. How do I get started? First you will need to answer a few questions.

  1. Identify who you will market this product to. What age group, male, female etc.
  2. Research and identify the competition.
  3. How does your brand differ from other products that are similar? Identify pros and cons.
  4. Create a good package design and logo that appeals to your demographic.
  5. Identify the cost and price point at which the product will be sold.
  6. Create your niche and your own market. By creating a niche you are creating a need. You don’t just want to do what everyone else is doing. You need to go above and beyond whatever the competition is doing. You need to think outside the box and be edgy with your marketing. This will make your product memorable.
  7. Service. Your brand is a promise to your customers. You need to make sure you have a way to service your customers need in case anything goes wrong with your product. They service of your product greatly influences your product’s success.
  8. Once you have your ideas, write everything down in a plan and develop a marketing strategy.

Depending on your demographic this has a lot to do with how your product will be marketed and distributed. In order to make your product successful, you need to create an awesome user experience.  This will bring the same customers back again and again with repeat business that will multiply.

The Vast Universe Of Marketing: 135 Types And Counting


Many people call themselves marketing experts. I’ve seen guys who have only been in it for a year and call themselves “Marketing Experts”. Even though I have been in this field for a number of years, and an expert in many areas of  Marketing, I still do not consider myself a Total expert. That is because in the world of Marketing it is changing everyday. It is virtually impossible for one person to stay on top of every single thing in the Marketing world and be an expert on everything.

Two of my friends that I am always getting advice from with the latest and greatest Marketing tools is Joel Comm and Jim Kukral. Both friends I do consider to be experts in their field, because they have had great success and continue to be on the leading edge of Marketing. In 2009 I wrote a book on Marketing, I spent 5 years of research on it, by the time it was published it was already out of date and I had to keep updating it. I found that the Marketing world was changing so much everyday it was exhausting just trying to keep re-editing my book.

Marketing has changed a huge amount since then and many tools I used are out of date. For example the way Google Analytics worked 5 years ago is definitely not the same today. Just like everyone else Google has to add new tools to stay ahead of the ball game. Technology and Marketing have now gone more toward the mobile apps, and those are even more statistics that are being monitored. 

I know that even with how fast everything changes even  Joel Comm and Jim Kukral have friends they talk to to get updated advice on certain things. As big as the Marketing world is I think its virtually impossible to be an expert on every single thing in the Marketing world, it’s like trying to manage the universe when each star requires full time effort to keep up with what’s changing. How many different categories do you think there are? I came up with at least 135 different types of marketing. I know it’s not everything, and there are many more changes going on everyday.

  1. Account Based Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Affinity Marketing
  4. Agile Marketing
  5. Algorithmic Marketing
  6. Ambush Marketing
  7. Analytic Marketing
  8. Article Marketing
  9. B2C (Business to Consumer) Marketing
  10. B2B (Business to Business) Marketing
  11. B2P (Business to Person) Marketing
  12. Behavioral Marketing
  13. Blackhat Marketing
  14. Brand Marketing
  15. BRC (Business Reply) Marketing
  16. Buzz Marketing
  17. Call Center Marketing
  18. Campus Marketing
  19. Catalog Marketing
  20. Cause Marketing
  21. Celebrity Marketing
  22. Channel Marketing
  23. Closed Loop Marketing
  24. Close Range Marketing
  25. Cloud Marketing
  26. Cooperative Marketing
  27. Communal Marketing
  28. Community Marketing
  29. Computational Marketing
  30. Conversation Marketing
  31. Conversion Rate Marketing
  32. Content Marketing
  33. Contextual Marketing
  34. Controversial Marketing
  35. Corporate Marketing
  36. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Marketing
  37. Cross Media Marketing
  38. CTA (Call to Action) Marketing
  39. Data Marketing
  40. Database Marketing
  41. Deceptive Marketing
  42. Digital Marketing
  43. Direct Mail Marketing
  44. Direct Response Marketing
  45. Disruptive Marketing
  46. Distribution Marketing
  47. Diversity Marketing
  48. Door-to-Door Marketing
  49. Drip Marketing
  50. Email Marketing
  51. Ethical Marketing
  52. Event Marketing
  53. Evangelist Marketing (word of mouth)
  54. Expeditionary Marketing
  55. Experiential Marketing
  56. Field Marketing
  57. Freebie Marketing
  58. Funnel Marketing
  59. Geo Marketing
  60. Global Marketing
  61. Green Marketing
  62. Guerrilla Marketing
  63. Harvest Marketing
  64. Horizontal Marketing
  65. Inbound Marketing
  66. Industrial Marketing
  67. Influential or Influence(r) Marketing
  68. Info Marketing
  69. Informal Marketing
  70. In-Game Marketing
  71. In-Store Marketing
  72. Integrated Marketing
  73. Interactive Marketing
  74. Internal Marketing
  75. Internet Marketing
  76. International Marketing
  77. Keyword Marketing
  78. Lead Generation Marketing
  79. Left-Brain Marketing
  80. Local Marketing
  81. Long Tail Marketing
  82. Loyalty Marketing
  83. Mass Marketing
  84. Mobile Marketing
  85. Mobile Internet Marketing
  86. Multi-Channel Marketing
  87. Multicultural Marketing
  88. Multi-Level Marketing
  89. Niche Marketing
  90. Neuromarketing
  91. New Media Marketing
  92. Newsletter Marketing
  93. Non-Traditional Marketing
  94. Offline Marketing
  95. Outbound Marketing
  96. Outdoor Marketing
  97. Out-of-Home Marketing
  98. Performance Marketing
  99. Personalized Marketing
  100. Persuasion Marketing
  101. Point of Sale Marketing
  102. PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing
  103. Product Marketing
  104. Promotional Marketing
  105. Proximity Marketing
  106. Pull Marketing
  107. Push Marketing
  108. Real Estate Marketing
  109. Real-Time Marketing
  110. Referral Marketing
  111. Relationship Marketing
  112. Reply Marketing
  113. Reverse Marketing
  114. Scarcity Marketing
  115. Scientific Marketing
  116. Seasonal Marketing
  117. SEM or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing
  118. Self Marketing
  119. Services Marketing
  120. Shadow Marketing
  121. Shopper Marketing
  122. Social Marketing
  123. Social Media Marketing
  124. Sports Marketing
  125. Stealth Marketing
  126. Street Marketing
  127. Target Marketing
  128. Technical Marketing
  129. Telemarketing
  130. Test Marketing
  131. Time Marketing
  132. Trade Show Marketing
  133. Undercover Marketing
  134. User-Generated Marketing
  135. Video Marketing
  136. Viral Marketing
  137. Vertical Marketing
  138. Youth Marketing

Google Hummingbird A New Algotithm Launched


If you haven’t heard the latest, Google launched a new search algorithm, Google Hummingbird.  Unlike Google Panda and Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird works differently. When creating Marketing content strategy Google Hummingbird will link together websites that will answer specific questions in a logical process. Therefore improving your search results according to relevancy.

Google Penguin The Latest Algorithm Launch


The latest algorithm launch is Google Penguin. This was created by Google as a way to decrease search engine results for those websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. The main goal of Google Penguin works to add websites that are reported as spam to a black list known as spamdexing or Black-Hat SEO. It’s a way of poisoning the search engine results to prevent these hacker websites from getting through to the user. The term Black-Hat refers to a hacker that violates computer security for malicious reasons and or financial gain. I have seen all to often when someone clicks on an article or an ad, and unknowingly malware files download to their computer and start altering their registry files like a virus. Once downloaded these files are often hidden and hard to remove. Yeah for Google! For creating the new Google Penguin that will help increase internet security for everyone.