Offering FREE Educational Webinars

This year has been difficult for many people. So many companies are struggling right now. We at LD Marketing LLC we feel blessed with more than enough business, and we want to help you. Knowledge is power. We have a lot of that and we are willing to share. We are now offering many FREE webinars intended to help educate you with more tools that will be useful to you in your business. We also will be offering certification classes sometime in the future. Why are we doing this? Because we have so much business right now, it’s hard for some of us to keep up. That means we need to hire more people with skills in the digital market. There is a shortage of good, qualified people to work in the digital marketplace right now.

We will be posting more and more webinars as they become available. The curriculum may change from time to time as classes fill up. If you find a class you want to take is directing you to a YouTube video, it is likely the class is full. Be patient with us as we add more content and design changes. As soon as classes are available, we are posting them. Because of the unique situations in our economy right now, we have made some decisions that will create more work from home jobs.


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