How To Make Videos Using Your Phone

It doesn’t take lots of money to start a VLog/Video Blog. You can start by using your phone until you make enough money to afford better equipment. Yes it is possible to make a professional looking video using your phone. There are cheap mounting tools you can find on Amazon that will help eliminate the camera shake help your videos look professional. In this video they cover everything you need to get started.

6 Huge Podcast Mistakes To Avoid

You want to create a Podcast. Before you do, here is a check list of things that will help you to avoid the most common mistakes. In this video Michael O’Neal explains why most podcasts fail and the do’s and don’ts of podcasting.

  1. Haven’t nailed your brand.
  2. Bad audio quality.
  3. Not researching your guests.
  4. Bad intro technique.
  5. No followup questions.
  6. Most people promote their guests at the end.